The Independent and Ethical gift guide from Et Games.

Whilst it would be great if all you bought this year was our games, we know there may be the odd person for which Pucket, Bridget and Rollet, will not be their cup of tea.

So for those of you looking for inspiration and are keen to keep it any combination of ethical, independent or British here are some recommendations from us for this Christmas.

Big spenders

Cred jewellery: Fair trade pioneers in the jewelry world, beautiful designs at a great range of prices.

Fair Phone: Get your pre-order in for the next batch of well-sourced, repairable, smart phone.

Boggis Rolfe Designs: Stunning and often bespoke carpentry.

Fancy threads

Arthur and Henry: Good quality men’s organic shirts (smart, well cut, not baggy and hemp).

Hiut Jeans: Great good looking jeans made in the UK, Wales to be specific, great story (they started Howies, and there is a great story
about that too).

Rapanui: Cool men’s and women’s casual clothing designs with great traceability.

Howeis: A staple for anyone into sustainable fashion.

Sir Plus: Stylish men’s clothes made from cabbage (industry off-cuts of fabric).

For the ladies

Clutter Clutch: Beautifully hand made clutches in great colors.

For the little ones

Bobo buddies: Kiddies’ backpacks that double up as pillows and a blanket.

Home luxury

Fou furnishing: Quality organic linen, well sourced and well made.

Abigail Bryans Designs: Shabby chic done with love and skill.

Tasty food

Stream Farm: Vested interest as I used to sell their meat in London, but who would not want a 1/8th of a cow under the tree this Christmas.

Pimhill organic farm: Best porridge oats going and they were into organic before it was cool.

Judes Icecream: Maybe don’t leave this one round the tree, but do get it on your table.

Coffee lovers

Aero Press: Made by the people who brought you the Aerobie (flying
disc) this makes the best filter coffee going.

Mozo Coffee: A great coffee roaster and brewer, that is not in central London!

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