No Room at the Inn? Et Games supports the JCWI

As a fair trade company, Et Games has always tried to do its bit to support the underpriviliged. Like everyone else, we were shocked to hear about so many people dying in the English Channel in November.

In the Christmas story, a heavily pregnant woman and her husband arrive in a small town, and are taken in by an inn keeper who gives them what he can – a space in the animal shelter. Later, the baby Jesus and his parents fled to Egypt to escape persecution by King Herod. The founder of the Christian faith was an asylum seeker, no less.

Whatever our views on the pros and cons of immigration generally, we hope that compassion wins out when it comes to those who are desperately fleeing persecution or war. The BBC report that the majority of those who arrive on the UK’s shores by small boat are genuine refugees. We wish they were given the chance to claim asylum in the UK without needing to risk their lives. We’re big fans of the work of the Joint Council of the Welfare of Immigrants, a charity that offers both practical help and campaigning on this and related issues. We’ve donated, and we encourage others to do the same:


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