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Pucket has sold out until fifteenth February. We recommend Rollet, our new dexterity game, which is a hit with all Pucket lovers.

Mk II Pucket games are still available from The Handpicked Collection,. We still have various seconds games.

Finger Flicking Fun for Nearly Everyone!

Pucket is a frantic dexterity game. Players race each other to clear the pucks from their side of the board by catapulting them through a small hole leading to the other side (the “gate”). Any pucks that arrive on your side must be sent back before you win. The game appeals to anyone with a competitive streak. Pucket games are hand-crafted in India from sheesham wood.

This is our mk II version, 54 x 40cm, with a beautiful lacquered finish on the base.

Pucket: a crucial game for every family Christmas. Beware, it gets aggressive.
Pippa Middleton, The Daily Telegraph

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