Party for our supplier

In September 2018 we paid a visit to our supplier in India. We buy from Asha Handicrafts, a well established fair trade non-profit organisation, who in turn work with small producer groups all over India. For 7 years our games have been made by Shubham Wood Works in Saharanphur, a town on the plains between Delhi and the Himalayas.

This year we wanted to thank the artisans who make our games and celebrate our long relationship with them, so we threw a party. With Asha’s advice, we used some of the party budget to distribute gifts to the artisans families: school bags, lunch boxes and flasks.

We’re happy to see the same people still working for Shubham, and some new faces as his workshop gradually grows, and we look forward to the next 7 years together.

If you wish to learn more about this event, please read more here.

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