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How to play Rollet like a Pro

Playing Rollet 8 hours-a-day at conventions makes you quite good at it. Here are our pro-tips, in the hope that we meet more worthwhile opponents...

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Rollet goal barrier extension prototype

For a long time I’ve wished I could find a way to make Rollet more fun for beginners when there’s only two players. Too often...

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Awkward Pucket – extension pack for Pucket

We’re excited to announce that in the next few months we will launch Awkward Pucket – an expansion pack for Pucket featuring dastardly shaped pucks...

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Cannonball: a new way to play Rollet

We’ve just invented a new way to play Rollet that makes it hilarious for two players: Cannonball! Under Cannonball rules you can score in two...

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The Punisher – a new way to play Pucket

The Punisher is a new way to play Pucket – recommended for seasoned enthusiasts. The rules are as for normal Pucket, with one dastardly variation:...

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Our New Bridget Game

Last week we delivered our first Bridget games to the paying public. We also sent our first order to a longstanding Pucket stockist – The...

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