How to play Rollet like a Pro

Playing Rollet 8 hours-a-day at conventions makes you quite good at it. Here are our pro-tips, in the hope that we meet more worthwhile opponents next time:

Assign offence and defence for the kickoff

At the beginning of the round, you can get a psychological edge by being the first to hit the wooden ball, pushing it over to your opponents’ side so they are forced on the defensive. But it’s unwise to pursue the first hit at all costs: if you and your team mate both go for the quick draw and lose, then you’ll both be fumbling to reload whilst the ball rolls towards your goal. Better to assign one of your team as defence for the first hit.

Double load

If you’re getting ready to fire but there’s no particular hurry, then why not pick up two balls? You need not fire them both at the same time. This technique means that you can make long shots without fearing that the wooden ball will head your way just afterwards whilst you’re reloading.

Get the angle right

When the wooden ball is close, fire your metal ball at the correct angle so the wooden ball goes straight into the goal, rather than hitting the goal barriers to either side.

Keep your balls where everyone can see them

Balls that return from the field should be pushed towards the centre, not hidden behind your chute swivelling hand. That way both you and your partner will find them easier to pick up.

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