Weykick Piccolo

A bigger wake up than coffee, more giggles than being tickled

This ingeniously simple game causes fits of hyperactive hilarity.

Magnets underneath the board allow you to move playing figures across the top, so as to knock the ball into your opponent’s goal. Advanced play includes wall rebounds and decoy movements. But it’s not all about speed – jerky gestures will cause the figure to detach from its magnet, leaving you fumbling and exposed to a counter-attack.

Players: 2 (Want 4 player? Try Weykick Stadion)
Age range: 3 to 103
Contents: Rubber wood frame with plywood base 50 x 31 cm. 2 football figures with guiding magnets. Storage bag. Instructions.

Requires 5 minutes of basic assembly with a Phillips screwdriver.

Not recommended for those with pacemakers, due to strength of magnets and extreme excitement of game.