Incredibly addictive – KLUSTER is a quick dexterity game, easy to transport, incredibly fun, really simple, accessible to everyone and still full of strategy!

Kluster’s rules can be explain in no time: Magnetic stones are equally shared between players, who must, in turn, place one stone inside the area delimited by the cord. The first player to get rid of his or her magnets wins. But beware, when stones kluster together during one player’s turn, he or she collects them!

That’s all you need to know to play Kluster! Sounds easy doesn’t it? But many tricks are available, sooner or later, the playing area will become a real magnetic minefield where any mistake will cost you dearly!

Everything you need is in the box – 24 Magnetic stones, 1 Cord for game area, 1 Bag , 1 Rules book (multi-language)


What They Say

  • Ripped from its shrink within minutes and being played after only seconds longer. Kluster is a breeze to pick up and play....I get great delight when other people’s magnets attract to one another. I get similar joy from the noise they make when they clunk together! I am not here trying to pretend this is a deep complex game. After all, it’s 14 age rating is more to stop younger people eating the magnets, rather than a reflection of its complexity! It is however, five to ten minutes of great, simple fun for all to enjoy. Sometimes, that is all you are in the mood for or have time for. ...Read the full review at boardgamereview.co.uk/features/kluster-game-of-the-month-february-2021/