Kluster is a dexterity game with unexpected depth given the super simple rules.

Players take turns to place magnetic stones inside the orange string. Any player who causes stones to “kluster” together must pick them up. The winner is the first player to get rid of all their stones. As the game progresses, tension rises as the play area becomes a magnetic minefield.

Players are allowed to stretch the edge of the orange string to make more room. Depending on which way up you place your stones, they will attract or repel other stones. These two aspects enable some interesting strategies – which we will leave you the pleasure of discovering.

A tip: as players improve you may wish to adjust the knot on the orange cord to make the play area smaller. Alternatively, try laying the cord out in a narrow oval.

The box contains: 24 magnetic stones, 1 loop of orange cord for game area, 1 bag , and instructions (multi-language).


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What They Say

  • Ripped from its shrink within minutes and being played after only seconds longer. Kluster is a breeze to pick up and play....I get great delight when other people’s magnets attract to one another. I get similar joy from the noise they make when they clunk together! I am not here trying to pretend this is a deep complex game. After all, it’s 14 age rating is more to stop younger people eating the magnets, rather than a reflection of its complexity! It is however, five to ten minutes of great, simple fun for all to enjoy. Sometimes, that is all you are in the mood for or have time for. ...Read the full review at boardgamereview.co.uk/features/kluster-game-of-the-month-february-2021/