Four Player Klask

Epic Magnetic Battle!

Klask combines speed and tactics. Four players control their piece using magnets under the board. Players lose a life by conceding a goal, having two or more “biscuit” magnets to attach to their piece, or falling into their own goal. After losing 5 lives, you are eliminated, and the last player remaining wins. Klask is both energetic and strategic, and makes an excellent party game.

Klask was created by Danish inventor Mikkel Bertelsen, and is published by our friends at Marektoy. It is made in China by a German owned manufacturer. We have personally visited the factory and are more than happy with the working conditions.

Players: 4
Age range: 8 and up
Contents: Plywood frame with laminated playing surface. Four playing figures, 4 obstacle magnets (1 spare), and 2 balls (one spare). Score markers. Instructions.


What They Say

  • a quick bundle of frenetic action, short enough that any one (or two or three) games isn’t enough to make you tire of it.

    Dale Yu,