London youth take to Pucket

Young people on a London council estate were recently introduced to the joys of Pucket thanks to FAST, a charity that works toward the empowerment of underserved youth.

FAST exists to equip young people in and around the Patmore Estate of southwest London to positively contribute to the transformation of their own lives, families and community. Kerry Astin, who leads FAST’s work on the estate, used Pucket in recent sessions with the youth. She said that at first the young people were doubtful about how fun it would be. Surely it didn’t compare to an Xbox? But after watching someone else play and giving it a go, they were duly hooked.

“Just in the two sessions that we have used them in, they have created healthy competition, pride and achievement,” Kerry said. “I haven’t seen the lads laugh as much as they do when they are playing Pucket, and the tournaments have created hours of enjoyment. At the end of one of the sessions, I had to physically remove the games from them as they just wanted to keep playing!”

Kerry says the game has broken down some barriers among the young people and gets even the quietest of them laughing and chatting. “It seems to bring a fun and childlike vibe to the sessions,” she said.

We’re really happy to be able to support FAST’s work, and we’re chuffed that Pucket is proving its worth.

Puck on!

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