Help us choose a new courier

For several years now we’ve been using a courier called DPD to deliver our games. There have been some disturbing revelations in the press about how DPD treats its drivers, so we’re looking for another courier. We’d like your feedback as we do this.

The background can be found in this Guardian article.

We asked DPD to see the contract terms DPD have with their drivers, and they refused, citing commercial confidentiality. This made us angry, and inclined us to believe all the recent negative press about them.

As we look for a new courier, decent treatment of employees will be top of our priority list. But we’d like to hear from our customers about which couriers you like receiving parcels from. In particular, is it important for you to know what time (within a 1 hour window) a courier will arrive? (The idea being that then you don’t have to wait in all day). Answers to please!

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