Et Games supports the Esther Benjamins Trust

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In July I attended a meeting of the Esther Benjamins Trust – a charity that rescues Nepalese children from trafficking – many of them smuggled over the border into Northern India, not far from where our games are made. The children are often made to perform in travelling circuses, work long hours in factories, or forced into prostitution.

The charity doesn’t just focus on dramatic rescues and prosecutions, it looks after rescued children, and arranges for them to return to their families as soon as safely possible. This approach of avoiding long term “institutionalisation” is shown to create better outcomes for the child. In the aftermath of the recent earthquake, the trust has been helping to rebuild schools, as children in education are less vulnerable to trafficking.

The EBT is a small and nimble charity. Whilst their presentations might lack the slickness of larger organisations, I’m reassured that donors’ money isn’t spent on that, and I’m impressed how easy it is to meet and talk to the people running and working on the frontline of the charity. Their work is undeniably deeply worthwhile, and I’ll be continuing to support them. I hope you’ll consider doing so too.

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